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Pablo Fusco, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is an art director, designer, photographer, and TV filmmaker.
But more than anything else, he’s a communicator.
Pablo’s deep love for the audiovisual language and his profound capacity to remain curious allows him to stay
in tune with any stimulus that could enrich whatever project he gets his hands on. He devotes his work to the transformation from the common to the extraordinary by telling stories and by enhancing the creative vibe through good humor.
Pablo started as an art director at Young & Rubicam, Vegaolmosponce and Agulla & Baccetti. His career extends through Latin America, US and Europe, producing some of the most memorable TV ads for clients such as Unilever, Ambev, Telefonica, Telecom, Coca Cola, Chevrolet, Ford, Pepsi, Direc TV, Nestle, Cepas, Nike, Volkswagen, Diesel, Arcor, P&G, McDonald’s, Cadbury, Terra, Mastercard, Heinz, among others.
Pablo has been honored with Clio Awards, Cannes, FIAP, Circulo de Creativos Argentino, Circulo de Creativos Chileno, Circulo de Creativos Mexicano, Ojo de Iberoamérica, Effie Awards, Festival el Sol, and Premios Clarín.


Federico García is a young director from Argentina working
in commercials, short narrative films and documentaries, and has worked for South American, US and European markets with experience in directing talent in Spanish, English, Polish and Italian.  He began his career as an assistant director for some of the top commercial directors in his native Buenos Aires, and has been working as a director since 2006.  He was featured in the Cannes Film Festival’s Saatchi & Saatchi New Director’s showcase in 2009 and has worked with such agencies as Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, La Comunidad, JWT, Conill Advertising, Global Hue and El Cielo, among others.
His documentaries have aired on international TV networks, and his most recent short film “Where Are You Going?” is currently making the rounds at film festivals, having been screened in New York and Los Ángeles.


Listen, visualize, propose. 100% professional, 0% poser. He has the craft and skills.
Born in Buenos Aires, and launched his directorial career in 2007. Gonzo stormed into the Argentinean advertising world, worked with a wide range of creative directors, ad agencies and brands, positioned himself not only as an international award-winning filmmaker, but as a director who delivers excellent results for the ad industry.  Soon his success brought him to the international scene, and now Gonzo serves several markets in Latin America, US and Europe.


GRINGO (John C. Pina) began his formal studies in Advertising and Design at USC before moving on to Los Angeles’ modern day Madison Avenue bringing his skills to Pepsi, Nike and Red Bull for such agencies as BBDO, Deutsch, and Ground Zero. His work has been featured in the Museum of Tolerance, Big Magazine, The New York Times, Pitchfork, and The Advocate.

As a film director, he won an MVPA for Best New Director, and has gone on to interpret the visions of artists, Kanye West, Common, Rise Against, Cee-Lo, John Legend among others. As well, he helmed spots for Adidas, Vans, Italian Vogue, PlayStation, Toyota, Dr. Pepper and Sony with work being recognized by The CLIOS and London International Awards.



Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Daniel Rosenfeld wanted to be a pianist, but as time passed, he realized making films was his true calling. Daniel’s first film “Saluzzi – Ensayo para Bandoneón y Tres Hermanos”, had a world premier at the Berlin Film Festival, the San Sebastian Film Festival and the opening night at the New York Film Festival.
His second feature film “La Quimera de los Heroes” was honored with the New Director Award, a Certain Regard
by the Jury at the Venice Film Festival, and also the Audience Award at Belfort (France). The film also had a Special Mention at the Buenos Aires Film Festival. Daniel’s most recent movie,
“Cornelia frente al espejo” won an award at the Rotterdam Film Festival.
Daniel embraces a natural storytelling narrative, a style he masterfully blends into his TV ad work as well
as his meticulous work with actors.
Daniel has worked with some of the top agencies in the world for brands such as Peugeot, Coca-cola, H20, Volkswagen, Sancor, Sprite, Walmart, Bagley and Vodafone, among others.


We love to produce films.
BlackVan always strives to transform creative ideas into stories you remember with passion, flexibility, expertise and sometimes a long breath.
We hunt for the best director, the most beautiful location and make the budget work in order to produce your content across all media.